Your whole FUTURE DEPENDS ON THIS! Give yourself the best chance to have peace of mind – Make the right choice!

To fundamentally change the way career choices and hiring decisions are made, so that people understand the concept of life calling and talent management.

Why Career DIRECT?
The Career Direct Complete Guidance System is an individual, personal growth resource designed to people to maximise their God-given talents and abilities.

4 Critical Areas!
More than a simple career test, it analyses four critical areas: personality, interests, skills and values. Most other career assessments only analyse one or two.
• Validation – Career Direct has been developed over a 14 year period, using researched based principles of assessment and measurement, and it consistently meets or exceeds accepted standards of reliability and validity.
• Multilingual/Global in approach – Career Direct is now available in a growing number of international languages.
• Satisfied – Career Direct has successfully evaluated over 150 000+ adults and students across the globe.
• Comprehensive – Career Direct provides clear direction needed to help make sound education, occupational, or career maximisation choices by accurately analysing all four main areas.
• Unique Perspective – Career Direct is based on holistic principles of stewardship of talents.

Choose the Right Career
This is an easy and affordable way to assess what your career should be. You do not have to worry whether you chose the correct subjects.
• Do your personality match the career you have chosen?
• What specific choice are you going to make?
• Is your interest aligned with your skills?
• Do you have the most suitable values to fit the job?

What must I do?

1. It take you one hour to take the assessment.
2. About 60-90 minutes of preparation.
3. A consultation session of 90-120 minutes with the consultant.
4. You receive a comprehensive report.