Dr. Tommie Liebenberg (Dr Tom) has been involved as a professional counsellor for over 30 years.   Not only has he impacted on families and couples’ lives, but has also served for over 15 years in senior management positions in blue-chip companies. He has contributed to change the performance direction of many leaders and organisations.

His understanding and passion for people is the driving force in his life. His mission is to: “Leave people in a better state than I found them.” The latter is evident in the emotional and spiritual lives of many people.

The past twenty-five years as management consultant, serving many top companies in South Africa and internationally, has also demonstrated his ability to strategically integrate operational, system and people processes as building blocks of high performance companies in the new century.

He has managed many projects successfully and is currently busy implementing a high performance culture in some of the top mining companies in South Africa.

He was educated at the University of Pretoria, where he obtained three degrees and finished a Doctorate in Management and Personnel Management. He is a qualified marketer, minister, social worker, counsellor, pilot and author. He is also a Career Direct Consultant.

Having suffered a few setbacks like company failure, heart bypass surgery and a stroke, he can show you how to overcome these setbacks in times when you want to give up.

He is a registered social worker and a qualified career counsellor.
DPhil. (SW), MA (MW), BA (MW), DIPL. Theology, DIPL. Human Resources, CERT. Marketing Management. Career  Guidance Consultant